19 Jan 2017

Full Info Natural Park Of Tangkuban Perahu Mountain


Natural Park Of Tangkuban Perahu is one of park attractions are located in the west java province, administratively located in two districts, Subang and west bandung. Locate at an altitude of 2,084 meters above sea level, or about 6,837 feet, the geografical posotion 60 46′ LS, 1070 36 BT ( Trop.Nederi.1938 ) natural park of tangkuban perahu mount has a scenery landscapes, Outbound games area, Ratu Crater, Upas crater and Domas Crater.


Tangkuban parahu Mount located about 20 Km north of the city of bandung. This active volcano is one of the  attractive tourist destinations in west java. Whith the cool natural environment, a row of craters that unfolds into an attractions in itself. The average daily temperature is 17’C during the day and 2’C at Night


Covering an area of 171,40 hectare in subang and west bandung districts widespead use of block granted to management is 10% of the natural park of tangkuban perahu mountain


Located approximately 30 km from bandung and can be reached via bandung-ledeng-lembang,For Bikers can use Alternative ways Bandung-lembang, Through dago and pagerwangi, Which is about  5 km past the lembang market, The road to natural of tangkuban parahu mount area is already in good condition, But there area some pretty sharp bends and steep. From lembang is only about 11 km in the subang direction to reach the main  enterance gate Natural  park of tangkuban parahu mount.


Ratu Crater  in the main crater and the biggest crater at natural park of tangkuban parahu mount area. Shaped like a large bowl of the crater with a depth of about 500 meters above the crater. The ratu crater easy to reach, from the car parking area, Visitors can enjoy the beauty of ratu crater from the edge.


Located about 1,5 km from the ratu crater area,if visitor want to enjoy the beauty pf upas crater, visitor can walk on to upas crater, and can reached in about 45 minute.


Baru crater located at the top of teh upas crater, and can be seen from the ratu crater area, which occasionally emit sulfur fumes from the hole. Visitors are not allowed to approach the baru crater because there are too toxic gases that can harm health.


Located about 1,2 km from the ratu crater area, the journey can be reached by walking about 30 to 40 minutes walk. During the trip the visitors can see the endemic variety of the trees in natural park of tangkuban parahu mount. Have a hot springs  with temperatures about 98’C to 150’C. As well there is a small pool to soak the feet and that are believed to cure various diseases such as ringworm, skin disease,rheumatisme etc.

Outbound  Natural park Of Tangkuban Perahu mount.

Area Outbound games are in an area 0g 2,5 hectares, has 33 types pf games are Challenging for visitors whon whant to feel the sensations of outbound games at Natural Park of tangkuban parahu area. This outbound can be enjoyed by Children age 3 to 7 years, teenagers and adults.

Endemic Flora at Natural Park of tangkuban perahu Mountain

Puspa ( Schim Walichii )

Kingdom : Plantae, Ordo, Ericales,Family : Theacheae, Genus : Schima, is a kind of three Contriction timber produsers are being qualified. Has a layer that can lead to rashes itching.

Pakis Emas /Golden Fern ( Cibotium Barometz )

This plant comes from southern China up to sumatra and west java. through the malaya paninsula. Its habitat is in primary forest in cool, moist areas and can grow up to 10 meters.

Anggrek Hutan/Forest Orchids ( Erea erecta )

This plant is one of the plants of the genus Orchidaceae rare terrestrially, Rough epiphytes that live on trees. Flowering much, much shorter than the leaves. such as wool. Speread in the area Of tropical forest.

Endemic Fauna at Natural Park of tangkuban parahu Mount

Elang Jawa/Javan Eagle ( spizaetus Bartelsi )

Kingdom : Animalia , Ordo : Falconiformes, Family : Accipitridae, Genus : Nisaetus, IUCN ( Endangered ), CITIES ( Appendix II ) Is one of the medium-sized Eagle in java island. This animals designated as endangered mascot indonesia since 1992. With black crested white tip, with black crown and mustache, while the back and wings are brown.  The eagle is the key mascot of Natural Park of tangkuban perahu mount, and have territory  in the Natural Park of tangkuban perahu mount.

Meong Congkok ( Felis Bangalensis )

Kingdom : Animalia, Ordo : Carnivora, Family : Felidae, Genus : Prionailurus, IUCN ( Endangered ), CITIES ( Appendix II ). They usually live in the woods and is a good swimmer, this animals are in the domas Crater area, Jayagiri area, and angkasa pura area at Natural Park of tangkuban parahu mount.

Surili ( presbytis Comata )

Kingdom : Animalia, Ordo : primates, Family : Cercopithecidae, Genus : Presbytis, IUCN ( Endangered ), CITIES ( Appendix II ). is an species of Old World Monkey that is endemic in most  of the island of java. This animals like primary forest and tree dwellers. These  animals speread over an jayagiri area, upas crater, Domas Crater.

Lutung Jawa/Javan Langur ( Trachypiteous Auratus )

Kingdom : Animalia, Ordo : primates, Genus : Arisaema, IUCN ( Vulnerable ), CITIES ( Appendix II ). This animal is one animal that protected by the physical  characteristics  of the body has black hair and a tail  length of about 87cm. This animal spread over Nursery area jayagiri, Legok tiis area, and upas Crater.

Ticket Price Natural Park Of Tangkuban Parahu Mountain


Domestic Visitor : Rp 20.000,-

Foreign Visitor   : Rp 200.000,-

Motorcycles       : Rp 12.000,-

Four – Wheel Vehicles : Rp 25.000,-

Six – Wheel Vehicles   : Rp 110.000,-

Bicycle                          : Rp 7.000,-


Domestic Visitor : Rp 30.000,-

Foreign Visitor   : Rp 300.000,-

Motorcycles       : Rp 17.000,-

Four – Wheel Vehicles : Rp 35.000,-

Six – Wheel Vehicles   : Rp 150.000,-

Bicycle                          : Rp 10.000,-

Shuttle Bus

Jayagiri – Kawah Ratu ( Round-trip )  Rp 7.000

For Security Costs + hygiene : Rp 500.000

Weeding photos Session : Rp 800.000,-/day

Video Shooting individual Rp 2.000.000,-/day

Shooting a Commercial event/Company ; Rp 1800.000,- > 1day/day

Stand 4×4 M : Rp 500.000

Open Daily From 07.00 AM – 05.00 PM

Contact person : 082120052011

Office : 022-82780654/022-82780653

Email : twa.tangkubanparahu.grpp@gmail.com

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